South Texas Helicopter Charter

Travel in comfort with Fly Hangar 13

 Fly Hangar 13 LLC offers helicopter charter work around Texas and surrounding states.   We hold a current FAA Part 135 Charter Certificate and offer 2 different types of helicopters for hire.  We offer a Bell 407GX and an EC130 for hire around Texas or anywhere else you might want to travel.

EC130 features 6 passenger capacity

Our EC 130 features 2 passenger seats in the front and 4 in the back to allow for up to 6 adult passengers plus an area for small luggage.  For hire rates start at $3,350/flight hour.
 EC130 rear seats – 4 passengers
EC 130 front – 2 passengers + 1 pilot

2014 Bell 407GX

The Bell 407 VIP executive ship can accommodate 5 passengers in this top of the line luxury helicopter.    For Hire rate is $3,350 per hour of flight time, which includes up to 5 passengers.  Stand by time for aircraft on the ground will vary by trip.  Please inquire for more details.
2014 Bell 407 GX Interior
 Here are a few ideas of what FH13 can offer:
-Real Estate Scouting
-Circuit of the America’s transportation – Formula 1, Moto GP, Concerts etc.
-Anniversary & Birthday Tours of San Antonio
-Wedding Proposals or Ceremony Departures
-Business Day Trips to and from remote areas
-Lunch out of town – we have a list of restaurant locations that we can land at in South Texas
-Aerial Photography
-Real Estate flights
-Wildlife Game Survey
 -Pipeline & Utility Line Surveys
-Transportation to and from Professional Sporting Events
Have another idea, just ask us and we will let you know if its possible!
All of our aircraft feature air conditioning and premium Bose noise canceling headsets for increased passenger comfort.  Flights can originate or terminate at destinations besides airports with the written approval of the land owner.   Overnight trips available as well for an additional fee. 


Stand by time for aircraft on the ground will vary by trip.  Please inquire for more details.
 Heath & Sarah Voss & Family
Niagara Falls, NY