Land Owners

Are you an owner of a Ranch or Farmland that is suffering the devastating effects of feral hog damage to your crops or land?  Interested in having feral hogs removed from your farm land or ranch at NO CHARGE?

Since 2012, Fly Hangar 13 has been offering feral hog depredation FREE to the landowner when we are allowed to bring our customers to shoot hogs on your property from our helicopter!   In 2011, Texas legalized subagents (paying customers/gunners) to join in the fight against these feral hogs.

We are continually adding acreage from willing landowners all across Texas who are looking to reduce the devastation the hogs cause to their farm fields and ranch. Once we have an approved LOA on file with the Texas Parks & Wildlife, FH13 will patrol your land and attempt to kill feral hogs in a timely manor at no cost to you! If your interested in hog depredation but not our customers shooting, we also offer that service as well for a fee.

Q & A
-FH 13 has killed thousands of pigs since 2012 from our helicopters, saving farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars from damages to their fields. If you would like to speak to some of the farmers, just let us know and we can provide you with their name and contact info.

-Even though we are based out of the Hill Country NW of San Antonio, we have LOA’s all across Texas.

-If you provide authorization, we can also offer depredation of Coyote, Fox, Bobcat or other animals for protection of your crops, livestock, wildlife etc.

-We will always call or text before we hunt

-We use a GPS guidance system that has only the approved hunting fields outlined so that we don’t accidentally hunt on unapproved areas.

-FH13 and our hunters are professional, cautious, courteous and respectful around houses, livestock, ground hunting season, etc.   We require our hunters to go through a safety briefing before the flight.

-You, the landowner, can withdraw your permission at any time if you choose to. We do not force you to sign an agreement for a certain time.

-As of January 2017, Texas Parks & Wildlife requires all Land Owners Authorizations to be completed online.  If you currently have a valid LOA you signed with us before 2017, we need you to reauthorize it using the new system.  Please call Sarah @ 210-382-6998

Helping to Save Fields of Crops & Ranchland from the costly destruction of the feral hogs while allowing hunters to create a memory of a lifetime!

Interested or have more questions?  Call or text Sarah @ 210-382-6998 or email [email protected]


What information will you need to fill out an LOA?

Land/Ranch Owner Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email

Ranch/Land Name, Physical Location Address, Map, Number of Acres


Fly Hangar 13 LLC, Pilot Heath Voss hold a current Aerial Permit to Manage Wildlife & Exotics through the Texas Parks & Wildlife.